7 Best Classics Written By British Novelists

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By Salah Uddin Mahdi

The great land of Britain has gifted some of the greatest novelists of all time, like William Shakespeare and J. K. Rowling. These exceptional writers have contributed tremendously to modern literature. Due to this, even after several years, they are still all the rage. Hence, if you are a bookworm looking for your next novel to devour yourself into, keep reading! This post will share seven best classics written by British novelists to include in your reading list.

7 Greatest Classics Written By British Novelists Of All Time

1. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

    Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is the absolute masterpiece of the science fiction genre. The readers of Frankenstein claim it to be a life-changing novel and excellent for understanding human feelings. Marry has done a remarkable job answering the innermost general yet profound queries related to life, death, etc.

    The plot revolves around the scientist Frankenstein who becomes a victim of terrible outcomes while trying to discover the truths that are not meant to be unexplored. If, just like Mary Shelly, you have a plot of the next top science fiction novel in mind but don’t have writing abilities, consider any full book writing service. The writing experts will transform your creative ideas into a masterpiece just the way you want.

    2. Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

    Great Expectations is still famous even after 150 years of launch. It has survived through so many years, and still to this today, bookworms are reading it. Great Expectation is the masterpiece of the master of the art – Charles Dickens. Its plot revolves around an orphan named Pip, who is not an ideal protagonist. He goes through a journey of self-understanding and becomes mentally plus physically strong.

    Pip lives an ordinary life in the country village, but his life changes soon after he gets a large fortune from a mysterious benefactor. He moves to London, enters the high society, and begins his journey of great expectations. This novel discusses the societal issues that require amendments, like the education system, marriage laws, and the criminal justice system.

    3. Brick Lane by Monica Ali

    Here comes a classic British novel with a touch of Asian – Brick Lane, about a girl, Nazneen. She marries a man twenty years older than her who takes her to London soon after the marriage. She has to leave her beloved homeland, Bangladesh, and enter a new country full of mysteries. The further tale represents her struggles with bullying, culture shock, racism, et cetera. As an excellent practicing Muslim girl, she patiently endures all the hurdles and tries to overcome them.

    Later on, even though she is married and had kids, she gets involved in an affair with a good-looking young guy. And from this point, her life becomes a land full of chaos. Hence, Brick Lane will take you on an adventurous journey of external and internal happenings. Besides, if you have written your first publication on something like this, polish it nicely to make it your masterwork. Getting book editing services will also excellently help you in this case.

    4. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

    The name Jane Eyre is after the protagonist, an intelligent and honest English orphan with a poker face. The plot goes through five stages: the first one is childhood, where she gets abused by her aunt and cousins. The second her formal education phase at Lowood school, where she finally makes pals. Then comes her time, when she works as governess of Thornfield Manor and falls head over heels for her employer – Edward Rochester.

    The fourth stage involves her time with Rivers’ family at Moor house, where her cold-minded cousin proposes to her. And finally, the last step comes, where she reunites and marries her beloved Edward Rochester. Hence, the story involves the battles and struggles of a simple and decent girl, Jane. The author of Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, is one of the top English novelists and poets whose novels have become the best literature classics.

    5. Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

    Gulliver’s Travels is a unique adventurous story by Jonathan Swift, which many have read in schools. The plot revolves around the several voyages of Lemuel Gulliver, a ship’s surgeon. He goes through many unfortunate circumstances and arrives on an unknown island. He encounters people and animals dwelling on that anonymous land with unusual heights, beliefs, and lifestyles.

    After experiencing weird happenings, somehow, he returns to his home and recovers from an unforgettable adventure. After regaining strength, he once again set out on a new voyage. Hence, Gulliver’s Travel is a masterwork of Jonathan Swift, an Anglo-Irish satirist, author, essayist, political pamphleteer, and poet. He has contributed to notable works in English literature.  

    6. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a well-known children’s book composed by Lewis Carroll in 1865. Its adaptations in animated and human-like forms have also been released. Alice’s Adventures is a fictitious tale full of riddles and imagination. The story is about a young girl, Alice, who falls asleep in a meadow and dreams of entering a hole while chasing a white rabbit. After entering that hole, her eyes fill with amazement as she goes through incredible adventures, seeing strange creativity, etc.

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is all about the child’s struggles to comprehend the world of adults. Do you know one of the primary reasons behind the popularity of these classics is marketing tactics besides the finest script? So, if you also want your publication to be the top-selling one of 2023, hire any book marketing services UK. Many companies can present your novel to your target audience most persuasively.

    7. The Lord Of The Rings By J. R. R. Tolkien

    The Lord of the Rings is the masterwork of J. R. R. Tolkien that has also been adapted in the form of a series. It is the must-read option for the lover of fantasy, classic, and adventure genre lovers. The Lord of the Rings is the heroic tale of the outstanding achievements of a group while saving the world from horrifying enemies. The world and characters are shown in this novel and later series are significantly inspired by philology and folklore.

    Summing Up

    We hope the above-listed seven best classics written by British novelists gave you some insights into legendary publications. All these options are even popular even after so many years of launch. While delving deeper into these stories, you would unconsciously step into the world of imagination and enjoy your reading journey. Hence, give them a try and share your thoughts with us.