How to increase CDPAP hours?

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By Salah Uddin Mahdi

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a unique program that provides individuals with the freedom to manage their care and choose their caregivers. The program is available in New York State to individuals who are eligible for Medicaid and require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) or skilled nursing tasks. Once enrolled in the CDPAP program, individuals may wish to increase their hours of care to better meet their needs. 

In this article, it is explained how one can increase CDPAP hours. If you have more queries or want more information you can visit us. 

 Here are some ways to increase CDPAP hours:

  • Request a reassessment: Individuals who feel that they need more hours of care can request a reassessment from their Medicaid Managed Care Plan or their local Department of Social Services. The reassessment will be conducted by a nurse or social worker who will evaluate the individual’s needs and determine if an increase in hours is necessary.
  • Document changes in condition: If an individual’s condition has worsened or changed since their last assessment, they may be eligible for additional hours of care. Documentation from a healthcare provider, such as a physician, can help demonstrate the need for additional care.
  • Utilize all available hours: Individuals who are not currently using all of their available CDPAP hours may be able to increase their hours by using them more effectively. This may involve scheduling care during times when it is most needed or coordinating care with other caregivers to ensure that all hours are being used.
  • Use an agency: In some cases, using an agency that provides CDPAP services may be beneficial. Agencies can often provide additional hours of care and can also offer support and training for individuals who are managing their care.
  • Seek advocacy assistance: Advocacy organizations, such as the New York Statewide Senior Action Council, can assist in navigating the CDPAP program and advocating for increased hours of care. These organizations can offer guidance on the appeals process and can provide resources for individuals who are seeking to increase their hours.
  • Appeal a decision: If a request for increased hours of care is denied, individuals have the right to appeal the decision. The appeals process involves requesting a fair hearing, where an impartial hearing officer will review the case and decide on the request for increased hours.

It is important to note that increasing CDPAP hours may not be possible for everyone. The program is designed to provide care based on an individual’s needs and the availability of funding. However, by utilizing the resources available and advocating for their needs, individuals can work towards receiving the care they require to maintain their health and independence.


The CDPAP program offers individuals the freedom to manage their care and choose their caregivers. You can easily increase CDPAP hours, individuals can request a reassessment, document changes in condition, utilize all available hours, use an agency, seek advocacy assistance, and appeal a decision. While increasing hours may not be possible for everyone, utilizing these strategies can help individuals receive the care they require to maintain their health and independence.


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